• Andre Wise | President & Co-Founder

    President & Co-Founder

    Andre Wise is the co-founder of Tygtal Exposure and Sports Consulting Service, which was designed to help educate high school athletes and their families on the college recruitment process. Coach Wise has personally been successful in this process, having played on a scholarship at Tennessee Wesleyan. Over the past 26 years, Coach Wise has balanced coaching young teens both on the field and off. As founder of the Baldwin Bulldogs Youth Sports, Inc., he helped teens see the importance of accountability in the community as well as the classroom. In 2003, which was Coach Wise first year coaching at Hancock Central High School in Sparta, GA, the team, which had not been to the playoffs in 20 years, went 8-4. In the second year, the team made the class A playoff. He is presently a member of the American Football College Association (AFCA). As father of his own two collegiate athletes by his wife, Karen, of 20 years, Coach Wise has seen the college recruitment process both as an athlete and the parent of an athlete. He has developed tools that will help maximize your child’s potential to receive a scholarship while minimizing the frustration from the process.

  • Kelvin White | Co-Founder


    As co-founder of Tygtal Exposure and Sports Consulting Service, Kelvin White’s passion is to help assist all athletes have a chance to follow athletic dreams. He has a reputation of finding ‘diamond in the rough’ athletes previously overlooked by both sports analysts and college coaches. Kelvin was named Team Defensive Player of the Year and was 1st Team All Region Linebacker for Metro Atlanta Southern Crescent Area. His personal story is one of possessing the dedication and talent needed to exceed in football but lacking in academic study. He has since dedicated himself to educating athletes on the importance of combining academic and athletic excellence. Kelvin has recruited and coached high school football for a combination of 10 years. His determination, motivation and longevity will help you and your child fill in the gaps needed to fulfill your athletic goals.