About Us

Tygtal Exposure and Sport Consulting Services is a d/b/a of Our Vision Sports Education Foundation, Inc that has been established since 2010 as a NCAA compliant scouting services. Tygtal Sports Education Institute represents amateur athletes both rated and underrated through offering cutting edge sports exposure to thousands of student athletes each year, feeding the knowledge to both parent and athlete to get them to the absolute top! We understand that as an athlete you might often feel like you are being “slept on”, wondering why your true talent is being overlooked. We saw a HUGE gap between gifted athletes and the knowledge behind creating lucrative careers long-term! We see your athlete standing out among all of the others, and it’s time to expose these athletes for the brilliant talents they are! We have seen several examples of talent that just needed the extra boost and those that needed to eliminate the fluff around them to start to truly make their athletic dreams come true! Tygtal will get you to the end game! Our mission is to develop student athletes that are the best on AND off the field. It’s time to finally take charge of your athletic future for both parent and child! There’s only one thing standing in your way…so step aside! 

The recruiting process is one that both parent and child will find amazing value, as we strive to ensure you are equipped with all of the fundamental aspects of the game.  Our goal is to take athletes to the next level and we provide advanced tools to get them there! 

Contact us at Tygtal Exposure & Sports Consulting Services today so we can show you all the resources and services we provide for turning you into the best possible prospect you can be.