On December 21, 2020, TYGTAL Exposure and Sports Consulting Services will be hosting The Next Level Junior Classic, which will take place in Spartanburg, SC, at the Upward Star Center. This is a weekend full of life experiences for the high school class of 2022. We are bringing the top 100 players that have been evaluated by our staff of college coaches to this event.


Our agency represents student-athletes both rated and unrecognized by offering cutting edge sports exposure for thousands of student-athletes each year.  The Next Level Junior Classic will allow student-athletes to enter a college-like setting for four (4) days and three (3) nights.  During this elite weekend experience, there will be actual college coaches on site.  We will have motivational/informative speakers,  provide life skills, ensure the student-athletes learn how to interview efficiently, have a college replicated media day, practice in a college-like setting, conduct community service within the community, and play an elite football game that will be televised and sent to every college in the country for exposure.  This large-scale event will create a significant financial impact on the upstate of South Carolina. 


Our goal is to educate both parent(s) and student-athletes through the recruitment process from beginning to end.  Our agency has developed subsidiary programs to provide training for specific areas.  TYGTAL helps parents to understand the importance of their student-athletes’ academics, character, and athletic abilities. We teach that these are the steppingstones for life skills to become productive citizens and members of society.  In our program, we monitor the student athlete’s classroom academic regularly and a mentor on and off the field.  There are numerous entities within our organization that we use as resources to ensure that we effectively take our student-athletes to the next level.  Lyf Academy, GSI, showcases, college visits, TYGTAL Sports Institute, and the Next Level Junior Classic, to name a few.  Our goal is to take student-athletes to the next level by providing all the tools necessary to get them there.


TYGTAL Exposure and Sports Consulting Services dba Our Vision Sports Education Foundation, Inc. has been established since 2010 as an NCAA compliant scouting services and has a 501 C(3) status. 



Please contact me at coachwise@tygtalconsulting.com / Mobile: 478-456-6044 / Office: 334-521-2934, if you can support our efforts to make a difference in the student-athlete lives.