This is a weekend full of life experiences for the class of 2022. We are bringing in the top 100 players, that has been evaluated property by our staff of college coaches... The actual game will be televised on Monday Dec. 21st, 2020 at the Upward Star Center Spartanburg, Sc.

 Tygtal Sports Education Institute represents amateur

athletes both rated and underrated through offering

cutting edge sports exposure to thousands of

student-athletes each year, feeding the knowledge to

both parent and athlete to get them to the absolute

top! We understand that as an athlete, you might

often feel like you are being “slept on,” wondering

why your real talent is overlooked.

We saw a HUGE gap between gifted athletes and the

knowledge behind creating lucrative careers long-

term! We see your athlete standing out among all of

the others, and it’s time to expose these athletes as

the brilliant talents they are! We have seen several

examples of talent that just needed the extra boost

and those that needed to eliminate the fluff around

them to start to make their athletic dreams come


Tygtal will get you to the end game! Our mission is to

develop student-athletes that are the best on AND

off the field. It’s time to finally take charge of your

athletic future for both parent and child! There’s

only one thing standing in your way, so step aside!

The recruiting process is one that both parent and

child will find amazing value, as we strive to ensure

you are equipped with all of the fundamental aspects

of the game. Our goal is to take athletes to the next

level, and we provide advanced tools to get them


The Tygtal Sports Education Institute recruiting certification allows parents and students the opportunity to attend top-notch events in December 2020! Ever wondered how to get your athlete to a level where scouts are hounding them, and their performance is recognized nationwide? We want your athlete to stand out by knowing exactly what to do to get there, and we understand the lack of guidance for parents in the industry! We developed events throughout the United States to create an atmosphere where parents know exactly how to expose their student-athletes to promising recruiters, and the athlete is educated on how to execute their image and skills on the field!

On arriving, orientations will begin on the weekend your family has chosen. Throughout earning the Basic Recruiting Information, you will learn the game from the classroom to the field. We include parents so they can gain the full information by experts such as NCAA scouts in classes designed to give parents everything you will need to make the best choices for the athletes, which will be extremely valuable long-term and short-term. We want them to have immediate exposure, so we have collaborated with notable accredited colleges for the

Next Level Junior Classic live broadcasting event, which the athlete will be a part of during their certification process. Participating in our event will promote life-long engagement with the game we all love, and sets skilled athletes apart. Your weekend of getting certified will be driven off fundamental principles such as family first, academics first, youth character education, getting you to the next level (level 2 life academy) and developing successful student-athletes and knowledgeable parent relationship with the game as a whole! This will be a full educational experience that can change the course of an athletic family career!